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What is Olaplex?

Hi, my name is Brittany, I’m a stylist at Midtown Curls and I just wanna shed a little bit of light on Olaplex!!

So let’s start with: what is Olaplex?  Olaplex is a three-step process that helps rebuild broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. There are three bonds that make up the hair shaft: disulfide bonds, salt bonds and hydrogen bonds. Each bond is responsible for 33% of your hairs strength, what Olaplex does is repair those bonds when they get broken. Olaplex Step #1 - This step goes into your lightener, haircolor, or perm solution. It’s concentrated formula helps repair and prevent further damage from happening to your hair.  Olaplex Step #2 - This step is for immediately after you shampoo your hair, it’s helps restore shine, strength and the health of your hair. So you have Colby Jack hair now, Step #2 is going to help seal your hair shaft ensuring that soft, silky feeling and really help it be as shiny as it possibly can.  Olaplex Step #3 - The best part! At home care!! We all love how our hair feels and looks after a visit to the salon, well good news, thanks to Step #3, you can take that home! No it is not a conditioner, it’s a quick leave in treatment to ensure that you’re consistently repairing damaging. Damage is caused by so many things and why not make sure we can have the healthiest, happiest hair we possibly can. My favorite way to use Step #3 is applying it on my day three hair and putting it in cute space buns or cute braids to ensure my hair is absorbing all the nutrients!  So to break it down imagine your hair as Cheddar Cheese, after color services or the breaking of any of the previously mentioned bonds, your hair is like Swiss Cheese, it has holes, after applying Olaplex your hair is more like Colby Jack cheese!

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