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Brightening the Brilliant Way

Let’s talk about why it’s important to be careful when lightening your hair and my recommendations to keeping your hair healthy. If you want to go lighter, you need to know what lightener does to your hair, how to take care of it at home, and the best practices during the process of lightening your hair.

What does lightener do to your hair?

Lightner/bleach lifts pigment out of the hair. The bad news first: This can damage your hair cuticle, which could cause split ends and can sometimes leave your hair feeling damaged if not taken care of properly. Don’t worry—there’s good news, too! If taken care of properly, lightener can also make your hair feel fuller, give you volume, and can be a great way to enhance your overall look/skin tone. If you are looking to lighten your hair, know that It can be a journey and may require you to come back in the salon for several times processes depending on color history, integrity of hair, and how light you want to go.

The Process of Lightening Your Hair

To keep your hair healthy and looking great, I would recommend thinking about going two shades lighter than your natural color. If you are thinking about going three or four shades lighter than your natural color, your hair will be put in a vulnerable state. Remember that “bad news” about damaging your cuticle? If you go too many shades lighter at one time, it will take a higher developer to lift the color out, which means a rougher cuticle. You can certainly go a lot lighter, but this takes a lot of love each week to keep it looking healthy. If you still insist on going super bright, you can mitigate the damage by using a product like Olaplex No.1. This is a solution that can be used in bleach and color to help rebuild broken disulfide bonds during the bleaching process. You can also get the No.3 at-home treatment that helps reduce breakage and strengthens your hair.

At-Home Care

You can take care of your blonde strands at home by using a deep conditioning treatment once a week (hydration is everything!). Be careful when brushing your damp hair as it is at its most fragile state when it’s wet. Protect your blonde from the sun, shield your hair from heat, and keep it safe from water. All in all, lightening your hair can be a great way to enhance skin tone and style, but making sure you know what to expect to keep it looking beautiful and healthy is half the battle. Give your hair the love and nutrients it deserves, and it will be worth your while. Your hair will love it!

Alicia Evans

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